HPIP Collaboration

High-Performance Certification Training

High Performance Insulation Professionals (HPIP) is offering WISE participants specialized access to HPIP training and an opportunity to become nationally certified.

For $99, insulation contractors can gain access to in-depth, online training in high-performance building techniques and installation practices, and take online exams to earn national certification (a $450 value).  Once certified, contractors have the option to renew certification annually through continuing education as an HPIP member. Members gain full access to HPIP’s extensive training library year-round, making continued education easy and affordable.

Visit HPIP’s site to get certified.


EPIC WISE and HPIP will also be partnering on two live job site training events in California, one in October of 2018 and one in February 2019.  Certification will also be available as an option for participants in either of these trainings.

Keep an eye on our calendar for information on these and other upcoming WISE trainings.