Product Manufacturer Benefits   

Manufacturer Benefits explained: High Performance Attic (HPA) and High Performance Wall (HPW) construction practices are prescriptive requirements in California’s 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The EPIC WISE program is designed to help accelerate learning and implementation of high performance building envelopes by training workers and providing a platform for the exchange of best practices and solutions from industry experts. EPIC WISE is encouraging product manufacturers to participate in the EPIC WISE program. Opportunities for participation and the benefits for manufacturers are listed below.

attic insulation

Manufacturer Benefits

Product Recognition:  Manufacturers are invited to provide training on their products, giving builders a firsthand look at what products are available.   This provides the builder some experience with the product, as opposed to mainly relying on product literature, and can influence builder decisions on product selection.

Builder Contacts:  Providing trainings to builders and participating in WISE sponsored events, helps manufacturers build lines of communication with building companies and individual builders.  This gives the builder a point of contact they can work with when selecting a product or if additional questions come up.

Builder Feedback:  During field trainings the builders are able to ask questions about products or product installation and provide feedback.  Builders can provide manufacturers with insight into possible installation problems or product shortcomings, which can lead to product advancement.

Proper Product Installation:  Participation in the WISE program ensures that builders are using and installing products correctly, increasing product satisfaction and performance.

Manufacturer Opportunities

  • Give presentations at WISE sponsored events for builders
  • Partner with WISE trainers for job site product installation training
  • Feature links to case studies, product information, and technical articles on the
    WISE warehouse website
  • Network with builders at WISE events