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High Performance Attic (HPA) and High Performance Wall (HPW) construction practices are prescriptive requirements in California’s 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The WISE program is designed to help accelerate learning and implementation of high performance building by training workers and providing a platform for the exchange of best practices and solutions from industry experts.

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Builder Benefits

Retaining Skilled Labor: HPW and HPA training will help fill the voids in the construction labor market by retaining and attracting trained, skilled laborers into the building industry. Participation in the WISE program will help builders, subcontractors and insulation installers train their crew members in proper product installation and high performance building methods.

Maintain Production Schedules: Installation techniques for high performance building envelopes can be perfected in a training environment rather than out in the field. The time and added expense of experimenting with new construction techniques on the job site can be avoided by practicing in advance of implementation or by having a WISE trainer on the job site with your crew.

Evaluate Emerging Technologies and Tradeoffs: High performance walls and attics may be achieved through the use of a variety of novel building technologies. The WISE program can expose builders to the latest products and techniques used to meet code, and allow builders to explore opportunities to reduce costs and optimize performance.

Provide Feedback: By participating in WISE, builders will be able to provide product feedback to manufacturers, improving the quality and performance solutions available on the market. This collaboration will help the manufacturers provide improved products, and solutions which better suit the needs of builders.

Smooth Transition: By being exposed to HPW and HPA practices, builders, subcontractors and insulation installers will be better prepared for meeting code compliance and for future code changes. This will help ensure that a builder’s business continues as planned, minimizing delays and revisions during the construction process.

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